Workshops for parents, community members and ECEC providers have commenced as a first step in designing the trial sites for EL3:

LEG = Local Enabling Group

Trial Site Community 2024LEG Meeting DatesVenue
Bruny IslandWorkshop: Tues 12 September @10:45am-12:30pm Bruny Island District School
East DevonportWorkshop: Mon 14 August @12:30-2:30pm
LEG #1: Mon 4 September @12:30-2:30pm
LEG #2: Mon 25 September @12:30-2:30pm
LEG #3: Mon 16 October @12:30-2:30pm
LEG #4: Tues 7 November @12:30-2:30pm
LEG #5: Mon 4 December @12:30-2:30pm 
East Devonport CFLC
Break O’DayWorkshop (St Helens): Thurs 24 August @10am-12pm
LEG #1: Thurs 21 September @10am-12pm 
Break O’Day CFLC 
Flinders IslandWorkshop: Tues 15 August @4-5:30pm
LEG #1: Tues 5 September @4-5:30pm 
Flinders Island District School
West CoastWorkshop (Strahan): Wed 13 September @10:15-11:15pm & @2:45-3:45pm

Workshop (Queenstown):  Thurs 14 September @12-2pm 
Strahan Primary School Hall

Queenstown CFLC

Guided by a Co-Design Planning Group with ECEC, Independent and Catholic sector representatives, DECYP engaged with families, service providers and community members across Tasmania in March and April 2023 to hear from communities what early learning could look like.

DECYP held 32 workshops in 26 towns and cities across Tasmania, and there was a strong uptake on an online survey. This means over 340 people have had their say on early learning in their communities. Further information can be found in the report below.

Trial Site Communities

Five communities across Tasmania have been selected to work together to establish trial early learning services for three year olds in 2024 to meet local community needs:

  • St Helens, St Marys, Beaumaris, Scamander, Fingal, with possible outreach to Coles Bay and/or Glamorgan-Spring Bay (Break O’Day LGA, Glamorgan-Spring Bay LGA)
  • East Devonport (Devonport City LGA)
  • Flinders Island and Cape Barren Island (Flinders LGA)
  • Bruny Island (Kingborough LGA)
  • Queenstown, Strahan, Zeehan and Rosebery (West Coast LGA)

The Co-Design Planning Group has guided the selection of the communities, including through the broad community engagement and a criteria for assessment of suitability.

DECYP will continue to work in partnership with families, community members, ECEC providers and other key early years services to establish the trial sites and tailor the each one to community needs.

DECYP will also begin further community engagement and research across Hobart and Launceston to better understand the supports and action needed for future expansion of EL3 in these areas.

EL3 complements the Working Together initiative which supports children and families who may need additional assistance to overcome barriers to access and participate in early childhood education and care services.

Further Information

For attending a workshop please email:

Being a LEG member info sheet (PDF, 152kB)

For regular updates on this initiative, please see the below Communiques: