Key points

  • The Australian Government has funded and set out the requirements of the National Student Wellbeing Program (NSWP) for the 2023 to 2027 school years. 
  • From 2024, participating schools will have the option of choosing a qualified Student Wellbeing Officer or a Chaplain. 
  • Chaplains and Student Wellbeing Officers in Tasmanian Government Schools must comply with relevant policies, child safety requirements and have suitable qualifications. 
  • Participating schools must inform families of any NSWP related services or activities, which families may opt their child out of One-on-one interaction outside of a group setting requires parental consent. 

The Australian Government has committed funding for the NSWP for the 2023 to 2027 school years. 

The NSWP Federation Funding Agreement (FFA) Schedule outlines the requirements of the Program . Tasmania has established a Cross Sector Panel (PDF, 446KB) to select and prioritise schools for funding as required by the FFA. 

From 2024, schools will have the option to choose a qualified student wellbeing officer or chaplain. 

More information on the National Student Wellbeing Program can be found here: 

Chaplaincy/Student Wellbeing services in Tasmanian government schools must meet the following requirements: 

The Behaviour Standards and Code of Conduct for Chaplains in Tasmanian Government Schools (PDF, 613KB) applies to school chaplains while they are providing services in Tasmanian Government schools. 

The Policy, Procedure and Behaviour Standards and Code of Conduct are currently being reviewed and updated to incorporate Student Wellbeing Officers for the 2024 school year. 

For further queries about the NSWP in Tasmania please email 

Role of the Chaplain/Student Wellbeing Officer

Chaplains/Student Wellbeing Officers are not permitted to promote a particular religious view or belief and must respect, accept and be sensitive to other people’s views, values and beliefs. They must comply with State legislation, policies, child safety requirements, and meet qualification requirements. 

Your school may have a Chaplain or Student Wellbeing Officer, and your child’s participation in related Programs is voluntary. 

A Chaplain is an individual who: 

  • is recognised by the school community as having the skills and experience to deliver school chaplaincy to the school community; and 
  • is endorsed by a recognised or accepted religious institution; and 
  • meets the NSWP’s qualification requirements. 

A Student Wellbeing Officer is an individual who: 

  • is recognised by the school community as having the skills and experience to deliver student wellbeing services; and 
  • meets the NSWP’s qualification requirements. 

All Chaplains and Student Wellbeing Officers must have Working with Vulnerable People Registration. 

Some of the things Chaplains and Student Wellbeing Officers do include: 

  • work as a member of the School Support and Wellbeing Team in the delivery of student wellbeing services 
  • provide referrals for students, or sourcing appropriate services to meet their needs 
  • support to improve student engagement and connectedness 
  • help to create a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment 
  • help with breakfast clubs and school activities such as sport, camps and gardens 

Chaplains/Student Wellbeing Officers are not allowed to talk to students about religion, unless the student wants them to. 

Student participation in Chaplaincy/Student Wellbeing services

  • Your school must provide the school community with regular overviews of any Chaplaincy/Student Wellbeing related services or activities. 
  • For one-on-one interactions outside of a group setting between a Chaplain/Student Wellbeing Officer and your child, parental consent is required. 
  • If you do not want your child to participate in NSWP activities, you must contact the school Principal. 

What else do you need to know about School Chaplains?

  • Chaplains/Student Wellbeing Officers are employed through an external panel of Providers. 
  • Education in government schools is required by law to be secular. Chaplains/Student Wellbeing Officers working in a Tasmanian government school must not conduct religious services or ceremonies or lead students or staff in religious observances unless agreed to by the Principal. 

Where can I get more information?

Talk to your child’s teacher or Principal. 

Tasmanian government schools – National Student Wellbeing Program 2023

  • Andrews Creek Primary School 
  • Bagdad Primary School 
  • Bayview Secondary College 
  • Bellerive Primary School 
  • Bothwell District High School 
  • Bracknell Primary School 
  • Brighton Primary School 
  • Brooks High School 
  • Burnie High School 
  • Campbell Town District High School 
  • Clarence High School 
  • Clarendon Vale Primary School 
  • Collinsvale Primary School 
  • Cosgrove High School 
  • Cressy District High School 
  • Cygnet Primary School 
  • Deloraine High School 
  • Devonport High School 
  • Devonport Primary School 
  • Dodges Ferry Primary School 
  • Don College 
  • Dunalley Primary School 
  • East Devonport Primary School 
  • East Tamar Primary School 
  • East Ulverstone Primary School 
  • Edith Creek Primary School 
  • Elizabeth College 
  • Evandale Primary School 
  • Exeter High School 
  • Fairview Primary School 
  • Forth Primary School 
  • Franklin Primary School 
  • Geeveston Primary School 
  • Glen Huon Primary School 
  • Glenorchy Primary School 
  • Goodwood Primary School 
  • Hellyer College 
  • Hobart City High School 
  • Howrah Primary School 
  • Huonville High School 
  • Invermay Primary School 
  • Kempton Primary School 
  • Kings Meadows High School 
  • Latrobe High School 
  • Latrobe Primary School 
  • Longford Primary School 
  • Margate Primary School 
  • Miandetta Primary School 
  • Montello Primary School 
  • Moonah Primary School 
  • Mountain Heights School 
  • Mowbray Heights Primary School 
  • New Norfolk High School 
  • New Norfolk Primary School 
  • Nixon Street Primary School 
  • Ouse District School 
  • Parklands High School 
  • Penguin District School 
  • Port Dalrymple School 
  • Port Sorell Primary School 
  • Prospect High School 
  • Queechy High School 
  • Ravenswood Heights Primary School 
  • Reece High School 
  • Riverside High School 
  • Riverside Primary School 
  • Rokeby Primary School 
  • Romaine Park Primary School 
  • Rose Bay High School 
  • Rosetta Primary School 
  • Scottsdale High School 
  • Smithton High School 
  • Smithton Primary School 
  • Snug Primary School 
  • Sorell School 
  • South George Town Primary School 
  • St Helens District High School 
  • St Leonards Primary School 
  • St Marys District School 
  • Summerdale Primary School 
  • Swansea Primary School 
  • Tasman District School 
  • Trevallyn Primary School 
  • Ulverstone Primary School 
  • Ulverstone Secondary College 
  • Waverley Primary School 
  • West Ulverstone Primary School 
  • Westbury Primary School 
  • Westerway Primary School 
  • Winnaleah District School 
  • Windermere Primary School 
  • Woodbridge School 
  • Yolla District School 

Tasmanian Catholic Schools – National Student Wellbeing Program 2023

  • Corpus Christi Catholic School 
  • Dominic College 
  • Holy Rosary Catholic School 
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School 
  • John Paul II Catholic School 
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School 
  • Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School 
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School Geeveston 
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School Ulverstone 
  • St Anthony’s Catholic School 
  • St Brigid’s Catholic School New Norfolk 
  • St Brigid’s Catholic School Wynyard 
  • St Cuthbert’s Catholic School 
  • St Finn Barr’s Catholic School 
  • St James’ Catholic College 
  • St John’s Catholic School 
  • St Joseph’s Catholic School Rosebery 
  • St Patrick’s Catholic School Latrobe 
  • St Paul’s Catholic School 
  • St Peter Chanel Catholic School 
  • St Therese’s Catholic School 
  • St Thomas More’s Catholic School 
  • Star of the Sea Catholic College 
  • Stella Maris Catholic School 

Tasmanian Independent Schools – National Student Wellbeing Program 2023

  • Australian Christian College (Hobart, Launceston and Burnie Campuses) 
  • Channel Christian School 
  • Circular Head Christian School 
  • Devonport Christian School 
  • Eastside Lutheran College 
  • Emmanuel Christian School 
  • Geneva Christian College 
  • Hilliard Christian School 
  • Launceston Christian School 
  • Leighland Christian School (2 campuses) 
  • Newstead Christian School 
  • North West Christian School 
  • Northern Christian School 
  • Southern Christian College 
  • Tarremah Steiner School 
  • The Hutchins School