If your child needs to stay home from school for a short period of time due to illness (such as Covid), but is well enough to continue learning, they may like to access the Virtual Learning Centre (VLC) via Canvas.

What is the VLC?

For Kindergarten to Year 10 students, the VLC provides access to online recorded lessons and activities on focus areas including:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Number
  • Science
  • Physical Activity
  • Wellbeing

Students in Prep to Year 2 also have access to Phonics lessons.

Your child can complete activities of interest to them and also to support catch-up learning and revision.

Students in Years 11 and 12 can be supported through enrolments in Virtual Learning Tasmania courses. For further information please talk to your child’s school.

How to access?

The VLC is delivered through the Department’s online learning tool Canvas.

If your child is unsure of their Canvas username and password to access the VLC, please contact your child’s school who can provide these to you.

What other resources are available to my child while learning from home?

Parents and carers can use the Learning at home resources on the Department for Education, Children and Young People website to complement the VLC resources.

How does it cater to my child’s individual learning needs?

The lessons in the year level VLC courses have options to help your child complete work at their level of ability. If your child has a Learning Plan in place, your school can arrange access to activities in the VLC that meet your child’s needs. Teachers with special education expertise have supported the development of the lessons. This is to ensure there are a variety of appropriate access points and activities for all levels.

How to get help

Support with using Technology

Support with using Canvas

General Virtual Learning Centre questions

For questions and feedback in relation to virtual learning please email virtual.learning@decyp.tas.gov.au

For teachers

Please visit the Teaching and Learning Centre (staff login)