27 May 2020


Welcome to the Teach, Learn, Live podcast.

I’m your host, Tim Bullard, Secretary of the Department for Education, Children and Young People.

Through this podcast, we’re going to shed some light about how we are connecting students and young people right across the state to succeed.

Every day in our classrooms we’ve got teachers working hard to inspire our learners, and I see great school leaders making a real difference in many people’s lives.

I want to take you on a journey across Tasmania to meet some of these people and seeing how they are working to make sure that our students are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Come with me as we meet some engaging teachers, some inspiring school leaders and some amazing communities who are making a difference as they teach, learn and live in Tasmania.

Join us at or wherever you download your podcasts.

Kids Voices:

Teach. Learn. Live. Tasmania! [giggles]

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