It is recognised that the preferred option for all students, in order to gain the most benefit from the available years of schooling, is participation in kindergarten, providing an important foundation year for learning.

All children who have turned four years of age by 1 January in any year are eligible for enrolment at their local kindergarten. Any exception to this is on the basis of early entry to kindergarten for students assessed as gifted.

There have been some queries raised regarding requests for exemption for children with disability from their kindergarten year. This has then followed with a request to enrol in the kindergarten program when the child has subsequently turned five years of age by January 1st.

Every child from the year after they turn 5 years of age must be enrolled at and attending school, or an approved home education program. Children can also attend Kindergarten from 4 years of age.

If a parent chooses not to enrol their child in the kindergarten year at the age of four this is permissible, but not the preferred option in relation to the benefits of accessing a kindergarten education program. For these students an enrolment in prep by the time they have turned 5 years of age is required.

Seeking an enrolment in kindergarten rather than in prep at the age of 5 must be applied for using the form – Application for exemption from Attending School (PDF, 501KB).

In discussions with families it should be made clear that services available through ECIS are from birth (or diagnosis) until transition to kindergarten, for eligible families, and does not include additional support for a further year if families choose not to seek a kindergarten enrolment.

Where a family chooses not to access a kindergarten year the first year of formal schooling will be when the child turns five and is enrolled in prep.