The Educational Adjustments disability funding model provides needs-based support for students with disability to access, participate and engage in quality educational programs.

Educational Adjustments for your Child

The Educational Adjustment Disability Funding model is based on student need. It helps us to make sure that students with a disability can access, participate and engage in quality education programs.

The student’s learning plan is developed in conversation with the student and family. A learning plan sets the goals the student will be working on each year and the progress a student makes.

A Learning Plan tells us about the educational adjustments that are being made for each student with a disability to meet their goals. The Educational Adjustments funding model uses this information to direct resources to schools.

Educational adjustments may be made in these four areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Access
  • Communication
  • Health and Personal Safety/Care.

Your school will talk with you about the adjustments being made for your child working in partnership with you.

If your child is older or able to make their needs known, they will also be able to talk about the adjustments that will help them learn.

These educational adjustments will be written down in your child’s Learning Plan.

Here is some more information about the Educational Adjustments disability funding model:

More Information

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